De-Coding the "Love Snacks" EP

Love Snacks is a little outside the normal Kumiho style. It was a two track that Sammy Legs and I put together for Valentine's Day... well as a fuck you to the forced romance of Valentine's day that we all hate to love. It's my view on the robotic way that modern day romance is working.

Plugging in to apps, texts, social networking, etc. etc. can absolutely be rewarding, a creative outlet, or even foster community. That being said, in my generation, i've seen the same behavior create confusion, anxiety, and even a sense of defeat when it comes to romance.

This EP's first track "Technologic Love" focuses on what i find to be the largest sacrifice in this new world of app love, improvisation. The ability to flirt 'off the cuff, in real time' is a face to face skill that gets lost the more hours spent in cyber space. The instrumentation drops to silence on the lyrics "if you wanna have my love, the only way you'll have my love is... face to face". I wanted the listener to feel like I was leaning in close to tell them a secret, as if we were on a date and I was trying to connect.

The second track, "You don't own me" came from a place inside me I'd never explored. I'm a loving creature and as a woman, am not unfamiliar with cat-calling, aggression, or people dancing on me without consent (men and women alike). It's been a challenge for me to be a b*tch to those people. This song was what I'd like to give, wrapped in a bow, to the kind of person who slyly slips their hand down the lower back, leans in so close that their lips touch your ear, and says, "you just might get lucky if you play your cards right". The song was originally just titled "fuck you" but distribution platforms didn't like that.

Happy Valentine's day to the lonely, the loved, the longing, and the lusting and all of you in between.