Behind the Music


As a young girl growing up just South of Los Angeles, Kumiho dreamed in glitter. She took as many workshops and masterclasses as mom would pay for and was later accepted to an arts high school. She devoured music and theatre studies, continued onto Jazz vocal education in college, and now fills her time with videography, burlesque, and really good cheese. 

"When you give people a warm welcome to be themselves and to love themselves, you'll be surprised that the amount of love they give others grows as well. With every show, I aim to create a space that is inclusive, loving, and full of laughter" - Kumiho


Sammy Legs

Executive Producer

After Kumiho's 5 years of searching for her production prince through countless collaborations, Sammy Legs instantly understood her vision and within the week, they had written and recorded their first track. A beautiful partnership and friendship was born. Kumiho calls Sammy Legs her musical soul mate for his incredible skill and speed in the studio, and his obvious studliness. 

Since that fateful day, Kumiho has also worked with the following gifted producers on her album, Nine Tales: Mirage Island, Keerd, Zenseii, & Moody Music.

Kumiho & Sammy Legs are also founding members of inquiry collective, creating far off gatherings where creative talent and open minded individuals can be themselves and appreciate one another.